105 is the number of socket references within the 0B series of LEMO connectors that can be assembled from stock using a range of standard components based on 3 keyways, 5 shell styles and 7 contact configuration options. Choice of contact types and other standard housings and key options takes the total number of socket references within just the 0B series to 427.

Adding in corresponding plugs within the 0B series and all the other sizes within the B Series provides several thousand options for customers.

This new LEMO UK assembly service offers you the following choices:-

5 standard socket housing options – EG*, EC*, EE*, EH* & EN*
3 standard keyways – “A”, “G” and “J” keyways
Multiple contact configurations – e.g. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 9 way in 0B series
3 contact types – solder, crimp and PCB
Other options available on request – for example additional keyways
Corresponding plugs with collets and strain reliefs to suit your cable

LEMO Socket componentsThe new socket assembly service means that many less common part numbers do not have to be the subject of special customer stock agreements and can be assembled quickly to suit demand, as has been the case for plugs for many years. Exceptions are potted and right angled pcb mount connectors.

Different keying connector options for your equipment increases security against cross-mating, and these additional options are now readily available.
Process control
All connectors are fully structured on the LEMO UK system with specific bills of materials for each part number. Lot number traceability is applied to all components and finished goods enabling full tracking back through the manufacturing process to the raw material at our group machining centres and thus to our raw material suppliers. A typical works order bill of materials consists of 6 components – e.g. for EGA.0B.304.CLL
Part Number Component Description
 EGA.0B.200.LC Housing
 EGG.0B.304.ZLL Insert with contacts
 ERA.0B.220.BN Earthing crown
 ERA.0B.230.LN Press-fit ring
 GBA.0S.250.FN Washer
 GEA.0S.240.LN Hexagonal nut
Assembly is followed by tests on earthing crown mating and other criteria to ensure that LEMO standards are met.

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• Fully engineered bills of materials developed for each assembly
• Terminations by LEMO trained technicians
• Every assembly subject to first-off inspection
• Finished assemblies 100% inspected and tested
• Electrical inspection includes full continuity and insulation resistance tests
• Fibre inspection includes attenuation, back reflection and interferometer tests
• Full traceability available for all components, including free-issue items