colours of overmoulding 2A flexible low cost overmoulding service is available from LEMO to complement our expanding cable assembly services using a low pressure hot-melt process. Low pressure moulding provides excellent mechanical integrity, and protects solder joints from vibration fatigue and the entire assembly from the atmosphere and liquids that could promote corrosion or conductive paths.

A range of moulds is being developed to suit the LEMO B Series and S Series ranges of connectors, with the use of inserts providing flexibility to cope with differing cable sizes as is inevitable with so many insert options. Moulds for other LEMO Series will follow shortly.

LEMO overmoulding provides the following features and benefits :

• Additional protection to the cable termination
• Bend relief at the point of cable entry – standard design is fluted for flexibility
• Environmental protection
• Low cost tooling for custom designs
• Other options such as Y-joints, breakouts and encapsulation feasible
• Fast set-up for small batch quantities
• Adds to the professional appearance of your harness design
• Range of overmould colours matching LEMO strain relief and insulating washer colours