LEMO staff join Community House Day Trip to Blacklands Farm

LEMO UK Ltd contributed to a day trip for 10 children from Community House to go on a outdoor activity day at Blacklands Farm.

Lucy and Alan from LEMO UK put themselves forward to assist children from the ages of 12-15 on a team building activity from Community House. This activity day was to help build their social skills, working together, leadership skills, working safely along others, conquering their fears, and helping others with theirs and not judging others.

"We were all nervous and excited at the same time as we set off, as we were unsure what the day had in store for us. Once arrived everyone was greeted by two members of staff from 4th Dimension,gave everyone their kit, debriefed them before setting off for their first of many activities for the day."                 Lucy - Tree Trekking Community House Day Trip

The activities started quite tame with 'Low Ropes' to begin with where the course was made out of logs to walk across and walls to climb. Then to the course which was up in the trees, by walking over rickety rope bridges and through big wooded tunnels suspended from two trees.

Quite a few of us found it to be a challenge, but no one gave up and we all completed the course! Some even took it on twice. We were all there to support each other as some found it tough.

Then onto crate stacking, two people are harnessed together with other members of the team have to start building up a stack of crates one by one, while the harnessed pair had to climb the stack one at a time without falling off. This proved hard but every exceeded and made quite high towers of crates.

Alan - Tree Trekking Community House Day Trip  Activities after lunch consisted of Perch, climbing up a tall telegraph pole, to a perch, and then jumping off to catch a trapeze pole. Last activity of the day - Zipwire - everyone was involved in this one, either being attached to the person climbing up the tree to the zip wire, or guiding them. All aboard one by one 4 people climbed to the top of a tall pole and stood on a small perch. Once up there you all linked arms and leant back, putting your trust in one another.
  All activities that were put on for the day were tried and thoroughly enjoyed. The journey home everyone was still buzzing from their achievements, but very tired too. It was a physically and mentally
  challenging day, but everyone was very proud of themselves.

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