Fibre Optic Media Converters

Ethernet to fibre media converters

Ethernet to fibre media converters

Ethernet to fibre media convertersThe LEMO Ethernet to fibre media converter has been designed to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments. The rugged design is fully waterproof and employs highly reliable LEMO fibre optic connectors between the two converters.
A pair of media converters enables the conversion of signal from Ethernet 100 BaseT copper networks to fibre optics and vice-versa.
Using fibre optics allows the signal to be transmitted over a long distance without loss of quality.  
Additional advantages are immunity to electromagnetic interference and increased security for sensitive information, particularly in military and security applications.
Supplied with connectors of your choice the LEMO Ethernet converter can extend the communications distance of existing systems. Two-fibre links available to complete your system.




Ethernet media converter security camera application
Ethernet media converter security camera application


• Ruggedised construction tested to MIL 810F
• Watertight to IP68
• Easy to deploy and operate
• Quick conversion of existing systems
• Fibre transmission totally secure
• Fibre safe to use through explosive environments
• Lightweight fibre for easy transportation
• Long distance transmission – to 20km




MEERKAT - SD/HD triax to SMPTE fibre connector

LEMO MEERKAT™ SD triax to fibre digital converterThe LEMO MEERKAT SD/HD triax to fibre digital converter is a compact solution for Sony SD, Thomson SD/HD and Hitachi SD/HD camera-based systems.

The LEMO MEERKAT™ Triax media converter system is a compact “plug and play” transmission system which provides a fibre link between Triax cameras and OB vans. The LEMO Media Converter offers mobile facility providers, production centres and broadcast studios an appropriate and professional solution for long distance signal transmission.

The camera is powered via a hybrid cable from the CCU with both the camera signals and the return monitor signals being digitally encoded and transmitted over fibre.

The SMPTE 311 hybrid cable uses the well proven technology of the LEMO 3K.93C series. If power from the CCU/OB van is not required, i. e. local power is available, a two fibre cable using 2 x FC-PC or 2 x SC may be used for signal transmission.

The MEERKAT is available with different triax connections, be they LEMO 4M (BBC standard) or 4E (European standard), or other manufacturers’ connectors.

Meerkat Schematic
Typical MEERKAT™ installations




Plug and play solution
Lightweight and portable, compact
No need for bulky / heavy triax cables
High quality signal transmitted over fibre
LED functionality display
CE Certified
Immune to EMI
Digital encoding and transmission
Portable device
No repeaters needed
Belt clips, tripod clips
Battery belt
3K.93C assembled cable
3K.93C - SC or FC/PC adaptor cable
In-line pwer supply available for remote end


SERBAL - HD-SDi to SMPTE fibre converter

SERBAL - SMPTE Electrical Reconfigurable Bidirectional Alternative LinkSERBAL - HD-SDi to SMPTE fibre converterThe LEMO SERBAL™ is a 4 channel multiplexer that makes HD/SDI to fibre conversion possible. The SERBAL™ provides a compact conversion unit which allows output from up to 4 cameras or other sources to be transmitted over a single standard LEMO 3K.93C SMPTE cable.The optical multiplexers of the SERBAL™ use Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). Each signal within a fibre has a different optical wave length, enabling interference free transmission over longer distance.The system is available in three versions :

Version 1 can send 4x HD/SDI signals from 4 cameras or other sources to the OB van using one SMPTE cable.

Version 2 can send 2x HD/SDI signals from the cameras to the OB van, while using the remaining 2 signals for monitor feedback.  

Version 3 can send up to 3 camera signals to the OB van with one feedback signal for a monitor.


Serbal installation
Typical SERBAL™ installation



• Converts from Coaxial BNC input to transmission over standard 3K.93C cable assemblies
Multiple transmission options available:
- 4 x Tx
- 2 x Tx + 2 x Rx
- 3 x Tx + 1 x Rx
• Audio/Data: passes pre-embedded Audio
 Supports all NRZI data formats from 10 Mb/s to 1.5 Gb/s
Signal format :
19.4 Mb/s SMPTE 310,
142-540 Mb/s SMPTE 259M, SDTI


SHACK - SMPTE HD to duplex fibre converter

The SHACK™ is a conversion system from Shack media converterSMPTE connectors/cable to standard singlemode connectors.
The system provides a transition from optical communication over hybrid (copper and fibre) cables to optical communication over commonly available duplex singlemode fibre optic cables.
The SHACK™ permits the camera to be locally powered while allowing the optical signals to be transmitted. It is a lightweight and very compact solution for stadiums, sports arenas and other outside broadcast applications, as well as for use in any buildings with installed singlemode fibre infrastructure.
Adaptor cables available for conversion from duplex SC to the fibre connectors that are installed.

SHACK media converter applications
Typical SHACK™ media converter applications


• Converts from SMPTE 304M connectors to standard duplex fibre optic cable assemblies
• Plugs directly  and neatly into camera/ base station
• Plug and play solution
• High quality signal transmitted over fibre
• Compact design
• Uses commercial SC connectors as standard for connection to duplex fibre
• Camera brand independent



MULTISHACK conversion system

The MULTISHACK™ is a conversion system from multiple SMPTE connectors/cable to a single multiway fibre cable.
MULTISHACK conversion systemThe MULTISHACK™ enables up to 6 cameras to be connected to their CCU’s via a single multi-fibre cable system for long distances, providing significant savings in both cost of cable and time for installation.
The cameras can be individually powered from one remote source (i.e. a local generator) through the local SMPTE connectors and cables each containing a Residual Current Device (RCD) to ensure user safety in the event of any of the cables being cut. Individual RCD’s are included to protect user, power is cut to problematic camera only. Other channels are unaffected. The CCU/ OB MULTISHACK™ is powered by the output voltage from the CCU.

MultiSHACK application
Typical MULTISHACK™ application

The system provides a transition from HD over hybrid (copper and fibre) cables to HD over a single multiway fibre optic cable.

The MULTISHACK™ uses the technology proven in the SHACK™and has individual transmission circuits for each channel.


• Converts from SMPTE 304M connectors to a single multiway fibre optic cable
• Plugs directly into camera/base station via cable
• Allows connection of up to 5 cameras
• Plug and play solution
• One multiway cable is cheaper than multiple SMPTE 311M hybrid cables
• The 6 cameras can be powered without additional mains / DC leads to every camera
Camera brand independent