Custom Design Service for New Connectors/Assemblies
One of the significant benefits of LEMO connectors is the modular construction in combination with the full extent of the range itself. This means that there is nearly always a solution for a customer's project from the wide choice available. Where an immediate solution is not available from a standard connector type, a customers requirement may be met through modification of standard components. In many instances this is achieved throughTechnical Office 1a
modification of a single component.
For example the new LEMO fibre optic contact is now a key component in the use of fibre optics within the broadcast market. When LEMO started to develop connectors for ruggedised fibre optic applications it was decided that the new contact should make use of existing coaxial contact cavities within hybrid and multi-coax insulators thus significantly limiting the extent of tooling required to adapt and expand the fibre optic range.
If you have need of a specialised connection solution then your requirements are formally incorporated into the LEMO projects management system.
CAD screenshotThe development request will either be handled by the UK engineering team, or will be incorporated within LEMO Group projects if it has implications on the existing range.
Full CAD drawings are produced for all special connector and cable assembly items. The resulting drawing is agreed with the customer prior to any work commencing. This ensures that the proposed connector or assembly meets the exact customer specification.